A CEO Only Does Three Things.

By: Trey Taylor

A CEO Only Does Three Things


Average CEOs do too much. Great CEOs do only three things. In my book, A CEO Only Does 3 Things, I help CEOs find their focus in the C-Suite. The results tell the story and it isn’t one favorable to the CEO without the courage to say “No,” to the urgently unimportant. Finding your focus in the C-Suite means identifying the next, most impactful action you can take that affects the quality of decisions your organization makes today and over the next 50 years.

“Intent is capable of profoundly affecting all aspects of our lives. Yet we neglect to communicate our intent, often embedding it in our Mission Statements, and assuming everyone understands what drives our goals. Likewise, we don’t make a point of zeroing in on our intent for each important project, preferring to leave the unconscious unsaid. This is a mistake. A CEO must communicate the intent behind his decisions so that our teams learn the why behind the what we are doing.
Before that intent can impact your people, you have to apply it to yourself, to how you approach your choices and to how you lead your business. In this way, the CEO who acts upon the Trinity is an integral part of it. To fully tap into the potential of three things a CEO does, we need to first address the CEO who takes the action. You,”

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